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Our district group came into being in 1972. Over the years, members have promoted the growing and conservation of Australian native plants. They have been involved in many events and have regularly showcased their talents. Members have also participated in botanical studies, such as regrowth after bush fires, bush walks, propagation, plant sales and garden visits.

Where do we fit in?

Parramatta and Hills District Group is one of 26 districts groups located in the Sydney Metropolitan area and around regional New South Wales. District groups are part of a registered company named Australian Plants Society NSW Ltd, whose objects are to promote and conserve Australian native plants, and which operates under a business name Australian Plants Society.

If you join the APS you become a member of the company, and can then nominate which district group/s you would like to belong to. District groups operate independently and are run by their own committee and office bearers, but are still subject to the company’s constitution.

Australian Plants Society NSW Ltd belongs to a national organization called Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants (ASGAP) along with plants societies from each of the other states. ASGAP has mainly a coordinating role. It is also responsible for administering the study groups, of which there are about 30 active ones around Australia, each focusing on a particular plant type, family or genus. Study groups have their own activities and newsletters, and for a nominal subscription, financial members of any affiliated state plants society can join them.

Every two years ASGAP arranges a national conference, held in a different state by rotation. These attract hundreds of participants, who during the lectures, day trips and extended tours, are informed of the latest horticultural happenings, are shown the local floral delights, whilst enjoying the company of other like-minded individuals from around Australia and overseas.

So you can see you won’t just be joining a small local group. You will be joining a family of 8,000 strong enthusiasts, who collectively have an enormous amount of knowledge and understanding of and passion for our wonderful Australian flora.

Our Logo

Eucalyptus Parramattensis

Our Group’s floral emblem is Eucalyptus parramattensis. One of its common names is the Calgaroo, a name we have taken for our monthly newsletter. It is also called the Parramatta Red Gum.

The Eucalyptus parramattensis is a medium sized, hardy tree that grows from 5 to 15 metres tall, depending on its habitat. This lovely tree has spreading, drooping branches and long, narrow, dull green, fragrant leaves. The smooth to granular grey bark sheds in patches leaving an attractive pink/cream mottled effect. Common in the Nepean River area and to the north of Sydney, it occurs on poor alluvial soils and low-lying clay flats. It happily tolerates periodic flooding. It flowers very freely with cream coloured blossoms between November and January.

[Photo: Courtesy of Australian Native Plants Society]