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Would you like to find out about Australia's Carnivorous Plants?

We will have a guest speaker, Greg Bourke, on the subject. Greg has travelled all over Australia and overseas to South East Asia, searching for these particular plants. He is the curator and manager of the Australian Botanic Gardens at Mt Tomah.

Carnivorus Plants grow in nutrient poor environments, so as a result of nutrient deficient soils, our country has over 250 species of them. To make their diet adequate, they also eat insects. You may already know the Albany Pitcher plant from Western Australia. But at the meeting, we will find out about many more that exist in the wild. Also there are thought to be still more to be discovered.

When: 24th September
Time: 2pm
Where: Gumnut Hall, Gumnut Place, Cherrybrook, NSW

Boongala Native Gardens -
Spring Open Garden Days

For part of Spring, these beautifully landscaped gardens are open to the public.
There is a large range of native plants for sale in small and larger sizes.
Entry fee is $2 for adults (Royal Flying Doctor Service) and is free for children.
Rainforest tour costs $3 for adults only and also is free for children

Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday
Dates: from 2nd until the 26th September
Times: 10am until 4pm
Where: At 76 Pitt Town Road, Kenthurst

How about learning to propagate native plants?

We have a small, hard-working, happy group of members who propagate once a month at the Bidjigal Community Nursery.

The Hills Shire Council kindly let us have the use of their facilities to do all sorts of interesting things, like propagating from cuttings and seeds and potting up successful seedlings and rooted cuttings. Plus, as the plants grow, we put them in larger pots until they are ready to plant.

You are welcome to join us to observe and join in when you are ready to have a go. It's quite easy once you get the hang of it. The nursery is such a lovely, peaceful place and we have a bench set aside for our pots. There is so much more to tell, so do come along some time and meet us!

Wednesday, 14 September, 2016 at 10am
Wednesday, 12 October, 2016 at 10am

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